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Krauthammer: Obama’s apology for cancelled insurance plans ‘simply appalling’

Charles Krauthammer told viewers Thursday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that President Obama was “crystal clear” about individual health insurance under ObamaCare.

He said, if you have your plan and you like your plan, you will keep your plan, period,” Krauthammer, a syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor said. “The punctuation is the key here. No context, no caveats, no exceptions, that&;s what the word period means. He couldn&;t have been clearer, and for him to pretend he wasn&;t is simply appalling.

via Krauth ammer: Obama&;s apology for cancelled insurance plans &;simply appalling&; - Fox News

The sequester: The hammer Republicans hold

George F. Will in a recent Washington Post opinion suggests that the Republicans hold a hammer that is the sequester. According to Will:

They loathe the sequester, which prevents them from opening the spending spigot. Their knees ache from genuflecting before the altar of a “clean” continuing resolution and a “clean” debt-ceiling increase. They insist it is a sin against good government to attach any conditions to either.

via Will: The sequester: The hammer Republicans hold

During last year’s campaign President Obama insisted that the sequester was not something he proposed, but as Will points out:

According to Bob Woodward’s meticulously reported book “The Price of Politics,” in the summer of 2011, with Republicans refusing to raise the debt ceiling unless spending were cut an equal amount, Obama and his principal economic advisers blundered by not recognizing how the Republican Party has changed. Obama proposed that if Republicans would not agree to tax increases as well as spending cuts, the sequester would take half the cuts from defense. Republicans, Obama and his aides thought, would flinch at this.

via Will: The sequester: The hammer Republicans hold

This is the hammer that House Speaker John Boehner wields.

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